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An iron electric pole is a pole to support network  cables that serves to distribute voltage to users  of electrical energy in areas in need. Iron electric  poles have different sizes, including:

7 meters high 100daN, 9 meters 100daN, 9 meters  156daN, 9 meters 200daN, 11 meters 200daN,12 meters 200daN and many more.

The size of the power pole is adjusted to the needs  of the span distance and the load of the cable being  supported. Iron electric poles are very strong, easy  to maintain and can last for years.Type your text.

An electric pole is an iron pole that is used as the  main component of the construction of an overhead  line distribution that supports the distribution of  electricity and its equipment. The flexibility of our manufacturing process results in consistent production  results from small to large light pole structures and is able to produce poles with custom designs  according to your specific specifications with the right  material choices to meet conditions in even the most  difficult environments.

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